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"THIS IS IT. I’ve been wanting to launch a NakedLab towel for years...I need it to be soft, fluffy. I want it to be heavy so you feel luxurious, but fast to dry at the same time. This is by far the best towel that I have ever tried! It's been 4 years in the making... and I hope our customers can see the effort we put into this product"

Joyce, Founder of NakedLab.

I'm afraid this is the best towel, on earth!


    The blend of premium Turkish cotton and bamboo produces an even silkier and softer feel than luxury Egyptian Cotton, ideal for those with sensitive skin.


    Our towel provides maximum absorbency, here's no need to rub your skin and cause irritation. Great for babies too!


    Weight plays a big part in this. Our towel has just the right medium-high weight for it to be quick dry, yet not loosing its soft and fluffiness.


    One of the bamboo wonders turned into the softest towels. This means less washing, less allergies, less acne!


    Bamboo prevents the growth of bacteria, which means that your bamboo bath towels won’t hold onto bad odours. This is because bamboo has a natural bio-agent called "bamboo kun" which prohibits bacteria from growing and flourishing.


    Bamboo is a tough fabric. It does not tear easily, so you don’t have to be extremely cautious when handling bamboo towels. Bamboo towels and hand towels for the bathroom are easy to wash and care for.