What's the difference between Naked Lab's bed sheets and other brands?

Our bamboo sheets are made of 100% organic bamboo , one of the most sustainable and soft textile materials of the 21st century. 

Is your bamboo organic?

Yes, we use organic bamboo and manufactured without the use of any harmful chemicals. It is Oeko-tex certified

**The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system. It tests for harmful chemicals at all stages of textile production including raw textile materials, during production and the final product.

How is Naked Lab's bamboo sheets made?

Our sheets are created by crushing organic bamboo pulp and using a natural enzyme to break it down before fibres are created and spun into yarn. Our bamboo is organically grown and Oeko-tex certified. We manufacture our bamboo fabric using a closed-loop process, without the use of harmful chemicals. 

How often should I change these sheets?

These sheets wear just as well as high quality cotton sheets. We do recommend replacing your bedding over time due to the oils from your body. It’s important to change your pillowcases more frequently than your sheets. 

We recommend every 6-12 months for pillowcases and 18-24 months for sheets depending on how many sets you alternate between.

What is a closed loop process?

This process means that our products have been designed and are manufactured with maximum usability, minimal adverse environmental impacts and minimal waste production. 

They are also manufactured with the most efficient use of water, energy and other resources. Specifically: 

 - Our bamboo fabric is biodegradable and will not end up sitting in landfill after the lifecycle of the product 

 - It is produced without the use of any harmful chemicals to ensure safety to humans, animals and the environment 

 - The manufacturing process ensures that the use of water, energy and other resources is kept to a minimum 

Does the fabric pills?

Our products are natural textile, which has not been treated with harmful chemicals. So, Yes, as with all natural fabrics, the bamboo may experience slight pilling with initial use, however this is reduced or removed during the washing and drying process (as per the care instructions). This is normal for natural fibres, especially in response to friction and isn't a fault or defect. 

What thread counts are Naked Lab's sheets?

400 thread count bamboo, which is equivalent to around 1,500 thread count cotton. Thread count isn't the most important thing to consider when selecting sheets as it can often be misleading. The quality and weave of the fabric, and the way if feels to you, is the most important factor. 

Do you offer discounts to designers?

Yes! We want to make it easier for our interior designer, stylist friends, and their clients to incorporate bamboo bedding in their projects, so we offer an exclusive trade discount upon acceptance into our Designer Trade Program

To apply or learn more, please email us. It takes one to two weeks to confirm your application. Once you are accepted, you will receive an exclusive discount code that's valid for one year on all your Naked Lab's orders!

What happen if the product I want is out of stock?

We try our very best to make sure this does not happen, but if due to over popularity, please email/call us and we will put you down on the waiting list, we will make sure you will be the next in line to receive them!

How do I care for my sheets?

All of Naked Lb's bamboo bedding products come with care labels that detail washing instructions. We recommend cold machine wash, line dry or tumble dry low. No bleach and fabric softener. You can learn more about how to care for your bamboo sheets here. 

What size should I get?

We take reference to the most popular sizing in the market. If you need a customized size, please contact us., we will try our best to fulfill your needs. Otherwise you can check our sizing chart here.

What are your return policy?

We do very strict quality control, but if the product is faulty, please contact us immediatly. For other return and exchange issues, please check here.

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment we only have warehouse in Rotterdam and Hong Kong. We ship locally for free above a certain amount.