How to Care

Our products are ALL 100% BAMBOO, and they do best when washed in cold water to preserve their integrity. 

Because bamboo is a naturally antimicrobial material, there’s no need to worry. Keep your bamboo sheets in snuggly-soft condition by washing them alone so they don’t mingle with rough fabrics that can snag the materials. 

If possible, line-dry your sheets and let the sunshine in or you can safely tumble them dry on your cool, delicate setting.And above all, make sure you use eco-friendly laundry detergent to help continue the cause for our environment, and for keeping the natural experience of using your bamboo sheets. 

  • Cold or 30 °C Machine Wash

  • Use only mild detergent 

  • Do not use Fabric Softner or Bleach.

  • Remove immediately at the end of cycle, Line Dry Tumble Dry Low Heat. 

  • Low iron if required

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