Sizing Chart

Adult Bedding Set


 1x Fitted Sheet 135 x 189 x 40cm 

 1x Duvet Cover 200 x 200cm 


 1x Fitted Sheet 150 x 200 x 40cm 

 1x Duvet Cover 220 x 240cm 


 1x Fitted Sheet 180 x 200 x 40cm 

 1x Duvet Cover 240 x 260cm 

 2x Pillowcases 75 x 50cm

Adult Pillowslip

Each pillowslip set comes with 2 pillowcase.

2x Pillowcases 75x50cm

Kid's Bedding Set

1x Fitted Sheet  92 x 190 x 40cm 

1x Duvet Cover 150 x 200cm 
1x Pillowcases 75 x 50cm
Toddlers Pillowslip

1x Pillowslip35 x 55cm

Baby Cot Sheet

Flat Sheet

160 x 140cm
Can use for difference size of cot or children's bed, 
Be creative and use it as stroller covers, or even breastfeeding blankets!
Fitted Sheet
70 x 160cm
Muslin Cloth
A set of 3 - 3 different pattern, individually packed- perfect for gift!
115 x 115cm 
The generous size gives them many uses – and the high quality of the fabric means they will still be used long after you've stopped swaddling.

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