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How you can celebrate World Environment Day with NakedLab’s BambooSilk

World Environment Day takes place each year on the 5th of June and is acknowledged in over 143 countries. It is an occasion to celebrate and appreciate our environment, and the importance of protecting and conserving it on a global scale. Known as the United Nations’ ‘principal vehicle’ for encouraging an increase in action and awareness, World Environment Day has – and does – play a crucial role in the protection of the natural world.


Every year, World Environment Day has had a slogan or theme to focus discussion and ideas. These range from wildlife and celebrating the diversity of life on earth (‘Many Species. One Planet. One Future.’ [2010]), to the importance of ensuring we, as consumers, are eco-conscious (‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care’ [2015]).  As mentioned, we can all do our bit to help the planet, and these can be smaller changes in our everyday lives.


While many people understand the negative impact of single-use plastic and such on the environment, a high number don’t understand – or are not aware – of the need for viable and sustainable farming. One of the worst offenders is cotton farming: It is grown on 2.5% of the world's agricultural land, yet consumes a huge 16% of all the insecticides, and 7% of all herbicides used globally - more than any other crop. Cotton is used for many things, from clothes to household goods, and yet there are alternatives that are far friendlier to our environment.


By replacing cotton bedding with bamboo alternatives for example, you can get high quality, durable products that would drastically reduce the need for so much cotton (after all, most everyone needs bedding!). Take a look at the top ways that bamboo is an environmentally sustainable option this World Environment Day:


Conserve Freshwater

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and is grown organically. Due to the speed of its growth, it loses less water than other plants. United Nations Water has stated that the global use of freshwater is growing year on year, faster than the world’s population. Bamboo bedding and sheets provide an advantage to you and to the environment.


Reduce Air Pollution

Bamboo’s fast growth means its photosynthesis happens faster than with other plants, absorbing more carbon and releasing more oxygen than the equivalent mass of trees and other similar plants. Oxygen protects the Ozone layer and reduces the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions, as well as supporting life on earth! A big focus of World Environment Day is reducing pollution, and the carbon bamboo absorbs is that pollution. Making fabric from organically grown bamboo – bamboo sheets and bedding for instance –helping to protect the planet.


Panda Friendly

There are over 1,000 different types of bamboo that grow in all different places across the world. Bamboo is not only used to make sheets and bedding but is also the staple diet of Giant Pandas. Fortunately, the species of bamboo that Panda’s eat is not the same type of bamboo used to make fabric, so you can sleep in your luxurious, soft, organic bamboo bedding with a clear conscious!


World Friendly

As well as using less water and absorbing high volumes of carbon, bamboo is generally a more environmental crop to farm. It doesn’t cause soil erosion because it is not harvested by pulling up the roots, allowing regrowth from the shoots. It also is grown organically, with no need for pesticides, fertilizer, or other agrochemicals, making it healthier and a better bedding option.


The benefits of bamboo bedding are not only the fact that they are sustainable and kinder to the planet and the natural world. They are also soft, thermal regulating and hypoallergenic, being kinder to skin (due in part to the fact that they are grown free from agrochemicals).


NakedLab celebrates World Environment Day by helping to spread the word about friendly farming, and how bamboo is a sustainable and planet-friendly crop (that happens to make sheets that are soft like silk… there really is no downside!). You can support and celebrate World Environment Day too, in countless ways, both big and small. The best way to start is to make some simple changes to your lifestyle, which although appear to be minor, can make a major difference. One of the simplest ways is to switch to bamboo bedding.

Find out more about NakedLab BambooSilk bedding here.


It’s kind to your skin. Kind to your sleep and to your health.

And, to celebrate World Environment Day, kind to the planet too.