NakedLab’s Joyce Lau launches organic bedding collection inspired by her daughter - NakedLab

NakedLab’s Joyce Lau launches organic bedding collection inspired by her daughter

After finding out that her daughter was battling with eczema, Joyce Lau founded Naked Lab to help relief the skin discomfort

Joyce Lau founded Naked Lab in 2018 after discovering her daughter, Pia, had eczema. At the time, she looked for organic bedding to help ease the irritation, but soon went on to create her own line of bamboo silk sheets and bedding sets.

Now the mumtrepreneur spends her days juggling a new business and full time job all while taking care of her newborn at home: “It can be very tricky and rewarding at the same time,” Lau says

“As a mother, I understand how much care and time parents spend to give the best to their family. I knew the quality of the product was something that I couldn’t compromise. It was tough but when customers shared their experience with the products and how they helped with their skin or sleep problems, I felt overjoyed and fulfilled.”

Lau believes her husband is her biggest inspiration, as an entrepreneur himself, he was able to share his mindset and help Lau overcome the obstacles, struggles and pain of starting a business. “It is funny looking back how I used to complain to him that all he talks about is his ideas and business, but now I feel extremely grateful and happy to be able to share my entrepreneurial journey with him.”

Joyce Lau from Naked Lab

By growing Naked Lab gradually, Lau has been able to keep her businesses progression despite uncertain times and an ongoing pandemic. “Looking at how much has happened in the past year in Hong Kong which in turn has impacted the economy, I am happy that I was able to quickly adapt my mindset to be more flexible and responsive. Taking little steps at a time instead of forcing big leaps for my business has mitigated a lot of unnecessary pressures and complications for myself.” She continues: “Passion can trump expertise, and stay afloat during difficult times. If you believe in your idea, it will happen and you can make it happen.

When asked to share advice with fellow mumtrepreneurs, Lau believes: “It takes time for a business to be successful, baby or no baby – that’s important to keep in mind when you’re starting out.” Adding: “Don’t try to do everything at once. When you have an idea, you often get overly excited and get everything done at once. I think the key is to really do it step-by-step and to try to balance the inside and outside of the business.”


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