We care about authenticity. If you do, and you also care about sleeping better, living naturally, if you are eco conscious or you share a similar mindset, we'd love to hear from you.Let our partnership be a unique and impactful one.

  • Wholesale Order

    Beddings are products that customer would like to feel and touch before buying. We rely heavily on physical retailers to showcase our product to the world. If you share our vision for a better way of living, please contact us to enjoy exclusive wholesale pricing and customization on your next bulk order.

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  • Influencer Collaborations

    We focus our brand growth on authentic community. If you want to inspire your audience the way to live sustainable, happy and elegantly, get in touch and tell ur more about your collaboration concept. (We are looking for worldwide influencer to represent us. Mostly review and video content base.)

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  • Hospitality Trade Program

    If you have a boutique accommodation, or a rental property, an Airbnb, we are a match. You can now offer the softest, more luxurious beddings to your guests. Get that comfort level up to hotel level with us! (or even more)

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  • Designer Trade program

    Our founder is an architect and she values colour, texture, style as well as comfort when it comes to designing homes. We offer exclusive trade discounts and services to interior designers, stylists, and their clients who want to incorporate bamboo bedding in their projects

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