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Mood Mist (50ml)

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Bedside staple! Keep your bedding fresh and fine.

Introducing our new NakedLab Mood Mist! A range of home fragrances created with you in mind; turn your home into a blissful sanctuary with our selection of home fragrances, inspired by our BambooSilk bedding ‘destination colour’ range.

From the Japanese peak-inspired Niseko Snow to the peaceful tranquility of Hampton Rosé, you’re sure to find the perfect Mood Mist to compliment your home. 

Scent Notes

Niseko Snow
The Niseko Snow Mood Mist is inspired by the pure white snow that blankets everything. The quiet, calm and peaceful vibe is echoed in this complementary home fragrance to create a relaxing, calming space.

Top: Grapefruit, Lavender

Heart: Linden Blossom

Base: White Musk

Hampton Rosé
Popular NakedLab destination colour Hampton Rosé gives elegant country house feels. This guaranteed vibrant home fragrance will refresh and revitalise your space.

Top: Lemon

Heart: Rose, Ylang Ylang

Base: Sandalwood, Honey

Manhattan Silver
Manhattan Silver embodies the light, gentle hum of a city at nighttime, and the home fragrance it inspires offers an equally restful and yet vibrant aroma. It's the perfect scent to add a touch of nature to your home.

Top: Black Current

Heart: Magnolia, Jasmine

Base: Sandalwood, Patchouli

What's inside

A bottle of your selected scent in a NakedLab cloth bag.

Direction of Use

Our NakedLab Mood Mist creates the perfect mood through an array of carefully crafted scents. Intended as an air spray, it can also be used on curtains, fabric, and cushions.

We suggest to spray it when you are making your bed in the morning, or 3 hours before bed time.

Find out which fragrance suits your personality!
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Mood Mist (50ml)
Mood Mist (50ml)
Mood Mist (50ml)
Mood Mist (50ml)
Mood Mist (50ml)
Mood Mist (50ml)
Mood Mist (50ml)