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The Best Gifts That Promise The Best Sleep

Give the gift of unbeatable and unparalleled sleep 

By elevating your sleep to ensure every night is a good night, your health, productivity and motivation will all improve too. As Ramadan is a time for fasting, prayer and reflection, it is a good time to reevaluate your sleep health and how it impacts your life. But how to get that coveted blissful night?

Few things can affect sleep quality as much as bedding, and choosing the right bedding is the hardest part. Luckily, we have a dreamy list of the best gifts - be it for Eid al-Adha or any other gift-giving holiday - that will heighten sleep quality, and leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready for anything!

Take a look at our list for gifts that keep on giving:

For him

The ultimate NakedLab Four Season 100% Bamboo Duvet is the perfect gift. In hotter climates, getting a good night’s sleep can be tough. This is especially true for men, as they have a higher metabolic rate than women, resulting in them producing more body heat, especially when sleeping. So why not give the gift of a perfect night, with a duvet that adapts to the temperature, keeping you cool in the warmer months, and cosy when the weather turns cold. If that’s not enough, this organic bedding is 100% hypoallergenic and has all of the amazing natural properties bamboo is famous for.

For her

Just as perfect sleep is important, so is comfort and style. This combination makes the NakedLab Loungewear - made with 95% bamboo for extreme softness - a gift that ticks all the boxes! Not only is it ideal as at-home wear, it’s equally perfect for the great outdoors. Be it a hike, a picnic or just a walk on the beach, give the gift of feeling cool and confident with a set of NakedLab loungewear; comfort has never looked (or felt) so good!

For them

Kids need perfect sleep just as much as adults - a good night’s sleep is crucial for their health, growth and energy levels. So why not give them the limited edition Toddler Gift Set? Including a silicone suction bowl and bib set available in an array of colours, the famous original Jellycat soft toy, and a NakedLab baby cot sheet - which is our very first product ever - or a kids bedding set if the recipient is older. Both are made from BambooSilk using 100% organic bamboo. The super-soft weave is hypoallergenic and certified free from harmful chemicals. You can also request complimentary bespoke embroidery on the sheets for that extra thoughtful gift!


For everyone

Not only do you need a good night’s sleep, but you deserve to have perfect sleep, every night. The NakedLab BambooSilk Bedding Set offers the ultimate sleep experience, and is a gift that’s perfect for the whole family (with kids bedding and cot sets available too). These natural fibre sheets bring organic bedding to a whole new level!

It’s lightweight, naturally breathable and temperature regulating, helping to prevent dry skin and ensure a comfortable sleep every night. Crafted from 100% organic and sustainably sourced bamboo, NakedLab bedding is vegan and eco-friendly - a fantastic and guilt-free gift suitable for everyone!


For something a little bit special

Why not add a little extra something to your gift, with a NakedLab BambooSilk Eye Mask? Designed to withstand the rigours of sleep and travel, our silky soft eye masks are gentle on skin with a padded ridge to prevent light from leaking in around the nose and cheeks. Every gift can be made better by adding a BambooSilk eye mask!

To find out more about our super-soft BambooSilk and how it can help you to reimagine and revolutionise your sleep, take a look here or get in touch!