100% Bamboo Duvet
100% Bamboo Duvet
100% Bamboo Duvet
100% Bamboo Duvet
100% Bamboo Duvet
100% Bamboo Duvet
Load image into Gallery viewer, 100% Bamboo Duvet
Load image into Gallery viewer, 100% Bamboo Duvet
Load image into Gallery viewer, 100% Bamboo Duvet
Load image into Gallery viewer, 100% Bamboo Duvet
Load image into Gallery viewer, 100% Bamboo Duvet
Load image into Gallery viewer, 100% Bamboo Duvet
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100% Bamboo Duvet

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The ultimate four season duvet. Light, fluffy and lusciously soft. We, together with our trusted, organic bamboo farms, have created the vegan version of that ‘down feather feeling’.

Like the NakedLab signature BambooSilk bedding, the duvet has been created for one reason: to stay as natural as possible. The fillings are 100% pure bamboo encased by our very own NakedLab BambooSilk, which is truly one of a kind on the market. That means it’s 100% hypoallergenic and has all of the amazing natural properties bamboo is famous for. 

Naturally antibacterial, anti-dust mite and odour-repelling, it’s ideal for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also completely guilt free, as it’s totally vegan-friendly! With stylish and simple piping on the edges and anchor loops that match ties in our duvet cover perfectly, so it won’t shift around.

And yes, the duvet is Oeko-tex and BSCI certified with no harmful chemicals.

Luxuriously and blissfully comfortable for everyone. It’s just bamboo and you, experiencing the best night’s sleep possible.

*dry clean only

To preserve their integrity, please keep these tips in mind as you wash your sheets:

●     Never use any products that contain bleaching agents, optical brighteners or fabric softeners. These products will break down the composition of the bamboo fabric or remove the dye colour and impact the durability of your sheets.

●     It is strongly recommended to bring to dry clean. But if you wish to wash it yourself, you can keep your bamboo duvet in optimal condition by washing them alone so they don’t mingle with rough fabrics that can snag the material.

●     If possible, line-dry your sheets with natural sunlight, lay them flat and pat them gently so the fiber inside will be stick together due to moisture.

●     As our fabric is all-natural and not treated with any chemicals, it may experience slight pilling during initial use in response to friction, however this is removable or can be reduced through the washing and drying process.

●      Try to use eco-friendly laundry detergent to minimize the impact of laundry chemicals on our environment.

At NakedLab, we are committed to changing the way you sleep for the better, through products that promote good health and sustainability. We may not realise it but many things in our lives are potentially dangerous for our health and too often, those things are too close for comfort. Your sheets, bedding, and duvet are among the things that should be safe to use on a daily basis. We want to make it easy to access comfortable, ethically sourced bedding essentials that you can feel confident and secure sleeping in.

Our commitment to your best rest and to our environment extends from our Oeko-Tex certified bamboo sets, to our zero-waste packaging, to our closed-loop process which utilises leftover fabric for eye masks and hair accessories, to our biodegradable mailers. Sleep with complete peace of mind knowing there’s nothing we uphold more than your health and the wellbeing of your family and our environment.

Our product is monitored, inspected and certified;
Soft like silk
Thermal Regulated
Anti Bacterial
Strong and durable
Corner Loops
All Season

Softest sheets ever

These sheets come in gorgeous colours and by far the softest bedsheets we've ever used. After a long day there's nothing better than relaxing and drifting off to sleep between these sheets!

-Gemma S.
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Bamboosilk in action


Four seasons, One duvet

Bamboo is naturally thermo-regulating. 

Ideal for winter, using the fine fibres to insulate and keep you warm, but equally breathable and cool for the hotter summer months.

The filling is kept in place with specialised pockets, so avoid waking up with a cold spot in the middle of the night and having to fight over the best bit of the duvet!

The 100% pure bamboo filling disperses air, keeping the temperature consistent and comfortable.

Good for your sleep and the environment

For us, comfort shouldn’t come at an environmental cost. Bamboo has many amazing qualities that benefit humans and the environment. Bamboo’s low carbon footprint makes it an easy ecological choice. Bamboo growth nourishes the earth, absorbing carbon dioxide that creates greenhouse gases, and releasing oxygen that refreshes the air. Bamboo is also completely biodegradable so goes right back into the earth, not a landfill.

Vegan friendly, Eco Friendly

No animals are involved in the production of our products, so we are totally vegan friendly!

Eco Friendly

We make sure of all our bamboo’s ‘eco-credentials’, by only sourcing from approved forests. We do all we can to reduce environmental impact at every stage of the product’s lifecycle, from forest to front door. 

We insist on nothing but the highest standards of social care for our people and the communities we operate in.

✓ Ethically sourced from 100% organic bamboo

✓ Grown completely free from agrochemicals

✓ Plastic-free

✓ Vegan-friendly

✓ Delivered in recycled and recyclable box, with a reusable bamboo bag for life

What could be better?

Every thread, button and dye within our products is regularly and rigorously tested to check there’s no trace of harmful substances, Certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. No harmful chemicals are used in the dying of our products.