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Let's Get Naked!

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Sleep well = healthier eating habits

we all know that the key to good health is a good night's sleep - but did you know that your sleep quality affects your eating habits? Experts have found that sleep deprivation can make it more difficult to control your appetite. When you are tired, you are more likely to reach for caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks to keep your energy up through out the day,. plus, sleep is important in regulating how your body uses food for energy, meaning that getting good quality sleep (and enough of it) can help you to maintain your weight. 

Sleep better: NakedLab's bedding is naturally thermo-regulating, which means it can keep you at the perfect temperature for sleeping,.

Breathable bed sheets to save your skin

BambooSilk is great for sensitive skin due to its antibacterial and breathable properties. Recommended for eczema, acne and asthma sufferers, NakedLab's bedding can help your whole family get a healthy night's sleep, from babies to adults!

Wake up , feel great!

BambooSilk sheets are smooth and silky meaing that they are kinder to your face and hair. Traditionally pillowcases are made from rough cotton or cotton/polyester blends that create friction on your skin and hair at night. This can leave you with creases and frizzy hair in the morning. Cotton is also very absorbent and pulls the moisture from your skin and hair while you sleep. If you've ever woken up with dry, parched skin and brittle hair, you know exactly what we are talking about. BambooSilk sheets, on the other hand, are made from much smoother materials which reduces tension and pulling during the night, helping your hair and skin retain their natural levels of moisture.,

A luxurious bedtime

BambooSilk is softer and more breathable than cotton, silk and linen. It's often compared to silk, but without silk's slippery feel, It is also vegan, which we love! What's more, NakedLab benefits from the founder, Joyce Lau's background in architecture and aesthetic eye, has a simple but sophisticated palette of complementary colors.


Ready to make the wswitch to bambooSilk Check out the collection at nakedlab.com

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