Could Organic Bedding Be the Answer to a Good Night’s Sleep?

Could Organic Bedding Be the Answer to a Good Night’s Sleep?

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A good night’s sleep is so important for our physical and mental health! Here’s why NakedLab founder Joyce Lau believes the right kind of bedding is one of the most important factors in getting quality shut-eye each night

Like any mama, Joyce Lau believes a good night’s sleep is the key to a good day. But it’s something she truly began to understand when her daughter, Pia, was diagnosed with eczema at age 2. Suddenly, getting quality bedding that didn’t irritate Pia’s skin or break the bank became her number one priority to ensure her daughter was getting good sleep. This eventually led her to establish NakedLab, an organic bedding store that’s both luxurious and earth-conscious. NakedLab has quality bedding options for adults, kids and babies (their organic baby cot sheets are gorgeous!) Here’s why swapping to NakedLab’s bedding could mean better sleep for your family.

Big on bamboo

Bamboo – not the same one that pandas consume – is actually one of the greenest resources on the planet. Joyce says, “We spend hours on our beds, whether it’s for co-sleeping with our little ones, breastfeeding, relaxing or retiring for the night without realising just how much chemicals we’re exposed to via regular bedding.” A natural odour and allergen repellent, the bamboo that’s used in all of NakedLab’s bedding products are pesticide-free and contains zero harsh chemicals – right down from the fibre threads to the end products.

“NakedLab’s bedding feels almost like a second skin; almost like how bare skin would feel and that, in turn, inspired the brand name,” Joyce adds. BambooSilk is also incredibly soft and has often been compared to cashmere and silk. NakedLab’s bedding is also breathable, vegan-friendly, low-maintenance and thermal-regulating, which is a big win in Singapore’s humid heat!

A+ for affordability

Everything in this online store is aesthetically pleasing, too, thanks to Joyce’s background in architecture. “I’m very particular about colours, texture and interior aesthetics. This means every colour is carefully chosen so they are elegant enough to stand on their own yet chic enough to mix and match within the range,” Joyce explains. Each colour also has a slight silver undertone, which complements and upgrades your bedroom’s overall look.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg either, as NakedLab makes affordability their main priority. “Our sheets are just a third of the price of silk,” she stresses – something her customers love about NakedLab. “90% of our customers are instant converts; they say they just can’t go back to regular sheets after using NakedLab!”

At the end of the day, NakedLab isn’t just about quality bedding; it’s really about helping you get the best sleep you’ve ever had. “Good sleep gives you good health and a good mindset – two very powerful things that help you create opportunities for other great things,” Joyce says. “To me, it’s all about creating a happy home, for a happy life.” NakedLab is also working on offering bamboo towels and apparel, too.

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