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NakedLab’s bamboo silk bed sheets are finally in SG!

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Joyce Lau is a Hong Kong architect who has chosen a new path – a business which, like many, grew out of a need. After having a baby girl, Pia, in 2018, all was looking good. However, at two months, Pia started getting serious eczema. Joyce had already struggled to find soft bed sheets for babies that didn’t break the bank; now she also had to find hypoallergenic bed linen that was cooling and calming. After little success, she decided to start her journey. It led to the birth of a brand that not only offers bamboo bed sheets for babies, but also caters for the whole family: NakedLab.

With no background in textiles or manufacturing, Joyce spent a year in the industry, visiting factories and sampling all types of potential fabrics for bed sheets; it gave her a good idea of what was needed. While working long days as an architect, she continued to do research after hours. Her hubby wasn’t too happy about it – but now he can see the value in what she has created!

NakedLab offers high-quality bamboo sheets and bamboo silk bed linen for the whole family that’s luxurious yet affordable. And, now that Joyce has had her second baby, she’s going to commit 100% of her time to the business; she’s also very excited about new products on the horizon. We asked her about why great bedding matters, and how NakedLab’s silky sheets can help you.

Should people think more carefully about what bed sheets and linen they put on their beds?

Yes! Bedding and sleeping accessories like pillows and mattresses are overlooked when it comes to factors that contribute to a good night’s sleep. 

I truly believe that sleeping well at night is not only the foundation of health but of life in general. A good night’s sleep gives you the best start to the day; and the fact is we spend almost a third of our lives on our beds. That’s why we should invest in bamboo bed sheets! It’s important to ensure the bed sheets you sleep on are free from toxic chemicals.  

Thanks to bamboo’s natural anti-bacterial and cooling properties, bamboo silk organic bedding is proven to reduce odours; it’s also thermo-regulating, and has much greater breathability than cotton. With my bamboo silk bedding from NakedLab, you can make restless, overheated nights a distant memory!

Why are affordable and safe bed sheets so hard to come by?

I found that retailers were selling high-end bedding at up to ten times markup, inflating thread counts, and operating on bloated supply chains that added to cost but not quality. What’s more, harmful chemicals can be used in all sorts of ways; for example, in traditional textiles formaldehyde is often used to add anti-static or anti-wrinkle benefits. 

Our bamboo sheets are anti-dust mite and anti-allergy, making them an excellent organic choice for those with sensitive skin. And, when it comes to softness, there is no real competition. Bamboo silk is equivalent to a 1,400 cotton thread count!

What products do you carry?

We started out with just one product line – a pink baby cot sheet for Pia. Today, NakedLab offers bamboo bed sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers in a range of classy colours that are truly affordable luxury. There are baby cot sheets, silky sheets for kid and adults, and eye masks; plus, we’re launching loungewear at the end of 2021. All the products are made from OEKO-TEX-certified toxin-free bamboo silk fabric.

Finally, all our organic bedding is silky-soft to the touch while being extremely durable and easy to care for. It’s kind to your skin and it’s kind to the planet. It’s the easiest decision you’ll ever make!

Check out the full NakedLab range at the official website, and hear more from Joyce in this video.

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