Life is short, and we spend more than one third of it in bed.

At NakedLab, we believe sleep is the core to a blissful life.
Sleep well, rest well, and set the foundation for your own good health; go out and live life to the fullest!

Benefits of NakedLab

  • Most luxurious comfort

    Organic bamboo products all promise unparalleled comfort

  • Sustainability

    Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant, with sustainable packaging

  • Authentic community

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  • World wide delivery

    Stay tuned for unbeatable delivery offers!


At home with...


All NakedLab deliveries are now carbon neutral!

Our passion for our natural world and the environment means we are always looking at new and innovative ways we can be even MORE sustainable. As our product itself is environmentally sustainable, the next challenge was working to neutralise our emissions from shipping our products around the world.

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