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All Embroidery orders resume 22nd Feburary. HAPPY CNY !

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Luxuriously Silky

It is as close to silk but without the guilt!

Extremely Breathable

Natural fibres allow for greater air flow.

Thermal Regulating

Keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Moisture Wicking

Wicks moisture away from the body, 60% more absorbent than cotton.

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Adult's Bedding


Kid's bedding




Cot Sheets


Muslin Cloth


Soft like clouds

Provides ultimate comfort and is great for sensitive skin.

No Harmful Chemical

Our fabric is Oeko-tex certified, that means no harmful chemical in the making process nor dye.


Naturally repels dust mites, mould and mildew.

Naturally Antibacterial

30% less susceptible to odours than cotton.

Featured Products

Baby Cot Sheet
16 reviews
Adult Pillowslips
14 reviews
Muslin Cloth
7 reviews

Low Maintenance

Just a gentle cold wash will do.

No fabric softener or any harsh detergent is needed. 

Vegan Friendly

All our products don't have any animal-derived materials.

Panda Friendly

The bamboo selected to make our fabric isn't the same species used by Pandas for food.

Ethical Buying

We have close relationships with our manufacturing partner to make sure all our products are ethically made.



Best Sustainable Bedding Retailer 2020

Best Homeware Brand 2020

hong kong 50 

Influencer Awards 2020

Liv Magazine Wellness and Lifestyle Award

LUXlife Parent & Baby Awards

Hong Kong Most Outstanding Business Award

Hong Kong Living

 I put my heart and soul into my work at Naked Lab™, and to know that I have been rewarded truly means the world to me. Thank you so much y'all!

It started out as a solution to a problem. 

Naked Lab™ was founded in 2018 after I became a mum of my baby girl, Pia. When she was 2 months old, she was battling a serious eczema situation. Beddings are close to your skin for such long hours, and it is especially important for your skin health. After seeing how much Pia's skin preferred the BambooSilk™ bedding, I was so relieved and happy. 

This feeling inspired me to start Naked Lab™ and share the great benefits of Bamboo Silk bedding to other families. 

To win these award, personally it means that it's awesome and it's recognition that I am on the right path; that following my heart does work, that doing what I love, what I am passionate about ... works. Professionally it means I can connect with more people on a bigger scale, help more people, create positive change on a bigger scale, grow Naked Lab™! 

LOVE, Joyce & Pia

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Say NO to Cotton !

Bamboo  is one of the most sustainable textile materials of the 21st century. The fiber yield per acre from bamboo is up to 10 times higher than cotton and requires less than 1/10 of the water and no pesticides to grow. 

On the other hand, conventional cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest and thirstiest crops. Although only 2.4% of the world's cropland is planted with cotton, it accounts for 24% of the world’s insecticide market and 11% of the sale of global pesticides.

We are part of a Eco Packaging Alliance

Contributing to global reforestation one tree at a time....

Our Stockists...

BambooSilk™ Beddings

Naked 's fabric is made with pure organic bamboo pulp, crushed, washed and spun into yarns. Totally natural and free from any harmful chemicals.

It has a unique silky smooth and soft feathery texture that is similar to silk, but without the guilt of using it as ours is completely vegan. This magical fabric is also extremely breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and temperature regulating.

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