How to Care

To preserve their integrity, NakedLab bamboo sheets do best when washed in cold water. Please keep these tips in mind as you wash your sheets:

●     Never use any products that contain bleaching agents, optical brighteners or fabric softeners. These products will break down the composition of the bamboo fabric or remove the dye colour and impact the durability of your sheets.

●     Keep your bamboo sheets in optimal condition by washing them alone so they don’t mingle with rough fabrics that can snag the material.

●     If possible, line-dry your sheets with natural sunlight, or you can safely tumble dry them using the cool, delicate setting.

●     As our fabric is all-natural and not treated with any chemicals, it may experience slight pilling during initial use in response to friction, however this is removable or can be reduced through the washing and drying process.

●      Try to use eco-friendly laundry detergent to minimise the impact of laundry chemicals on our environment.

  • Breathable
    The natural fibers of bamboo allow for greater airflow helping sleepers keep cool and comfortable
  • Fade resistant
    BambooSilk sheets stay vivid
  • Cloud-like softness
    One touch and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the softness of BambooSilk
  • Strong and durable
    Durable and low maintenance
  • Accommodates your mattress
    Our deep pocket sheets have elasticated corners that can accommodate thicker than average mattresses and are equipped with corner ties to secure the duvet placement