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Top 5 reasons why bamboo sheets can help you sleep better

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Once dominated by cotton which had a monopoly within the soft bedding market, bamboo sheets are making a big splash in the bedding space. The benefits of bamboo are innumerable, making it difficult for other players to measure up.

Bamboo sheets are moisture-wicking, temperature regulating and hypoallergenic, not to mention being the most sustainable option. There are also compelling arguments that other materials cannot compete with bamboo sheets when it comes to comfort.

While cotton does offer many benefits when it comes to bedding – as does linen – it seems that bamboo is unparalleled in ‘checking all the boxes’.
The bamboo plant is among the fastest growing in the world. Certain species grow 40mm an hour – that’s 910mm (36”) in a 24-hour period. This factor alone makes it an environmentally economic option. Yet it’s status as the most sustainable option considers a wide range of factors, not simply growth speed! These include the lack of pesticides used and there being no need for invasive irrigation systems to stimulate production. Not to mention their high-rate absorption of carbon emissions. Bamboo fibres are then spun into thread, which becomes the bamboo sheets we know (and love!).

Although generating waves throughout the bedding industry, cotton still dominates more than bamboo. We have put together a list of the top five reasons switching to bamboo sheets can positively affect you mind, body, and quality of your sleep.

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Reason One: Temperature
Temperature plays a huge part when it comes to a good sleep. Experts at the Sleep Foundation recommend a bedroom temperature for the best sleep is approximately 18°C. Nowhere is it possible to maintain this temperature; in the winter months it tends to be cooler, while in the summer it is significantly warmer than the ideal ‘sweet spot’. Combine this with the fact that 41% of people consider themselves ‘hot sleepers’, that can result in some seriously uncomfortable nights’ sleep.

This is where bamboo sheets come in. One of the best, most appreciated benefits that comes from using bamboo bedding, is it’s breathability. Bamboo has exceptional temperature-regulation properties which make for a much more comfortable night. Keeping you warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer, bamboo sheets could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Additionally, the moisture-wicking properties of bamboo sheets make them an ideal choice for those who live in high-humidity climates. Damp or moist sheets are unhygienic and a perfect place for bacteria, which can lead to skin irritation or even infections.

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Reason Two: Durability
Bedding is, famously, frequently used and regularly washed, making strength an important factor to consider. Bamboo sheets are made using bamboo fibres. For most varieties of bamboo, the fibres are three times longer than their cotton counterparts, resulting in an increased level of durability, without sacrificing softness. Other sheets tend to be made from shorter fibres, which can increase the likelihood of pilling or tearing due to continual machine-washing.

Bamboo sheets also don’t absorb moisture, reducing the possibility or any discolouration over time, which can happen when using alternative, more absorbent options. Due to the quality of bamboo, the colours will also remain brighter for far longer, so there is no fading as a result of washing. Bamboo comes out on top in terms or both physical and visual durability.

Reason Three: Softness
There is no denying that softness is paramount when it comes to bedding. In order to sleep better, a comfortable sleep or set of soft sheets can - and do - make all the difference. Bamboo sheets promise an unbeatable level of softness that is sure to improve your night’s sleep. Despite having a slightly lower thread count, the material itself is naturally soft from the beginning. Due to this level of softness, bamboo sheets are usually considered to be the best choice for children and those with sensitive skin, and they just continue to get softer with use. Not only will these sheets help you sleep better, but they may also make getting out of bed slightly harder too!

Reason Four: Hypoallergenic
Bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, making them an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies, especially as allergic reactions can easily, and sometimes regularly disrupt sleep, or even make it impossible.

Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, bamboo’s hypoallergenic properties benefit those with skin issues, such as eczema, and can help to keep you healthier, as they repel bacteria that can cause mould, dust mites and other potentially harmful germs.

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Reason Five: Ease of care
While no bedding can promise to be immune to external stains, bamboo sheets are self-protecting, not suffering from discolouration. Often holding on to moisture can cause the colour to weaken, but as previously mentioned, that is not an issue you will have with bamboo.

On the contrary, bamboo, known for its moisture wicking properties), can stay looking new for years even with regular washing. All-in-all, bamboo sheets are easy to care for, not requiring bleach, hand washing or any other difficult or inconvenient ‘special’ treatment.


So, if you want to sleep better, sleep well and sleep soundly, opting for bamboo sheets and bedding may be the answer. Not only is their sustainability a key factor, but as the top five reasons show, bamboo sheets really do tick all the boxes you need from your bedding. Upgrade your sleep today, with bamboo.