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About Oeko-Tex

As climate change and awareness of environmental issues are on the rise, it’s more important than ever for individuals to make conscientious decisions about how their lifestyles impact the earth. Thankfully, that demand has also led to more options than ever for making those decisions, without compromising luxury, appearance or comfort.



What is Oeko-Tex?

 Ecologically-sound fabrics comply with certification systems that meet stringent environmental standards, from production to manufacturing to consumer safety. Oeko-Tex is an environmental certification system that applies to the entire textile production process, from production to manufacturing to consumer safety. For a product to receive Oeko-Tex’s ‘Standard 100’ certification, it must undergo rigorous testing that ensures the production process is safe for both the environment and for the end consumer. Fabrics that are awarded an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate meet the system’s strict criteria and far exceed the necessary legal requirements.


Why are Oeko-Tex certified fabrics eco-friendly?

Oeko-Tex certified fabrics adhere to careful criteria at every step of the production and manufacturing process. They are produced in environmentally-friendly mills where the use of chemicals is closely monitored and environmental impacts are intentionally kept to a minimum. Textiles that carry the Standard 100 label mean that every component of the fabric, from the thread to the buttons, has been tested for harmful substances, and the fabric is therefore harmless for human health. Even when washed, Oeko-Tex certified fabrics do not release any harmful residues. There’s no peace of mind like knowing your fabrics are gentle to the planet and safe for human use!


BambooSilk: responsibly made, from farm to fabric 

We proudly developed BambooSilk to be as eco-friendly and human safe as possible, without compromising luxury or comfort. Made from organically grown bamboo, BambooSilk is Oeko-Tex certified and produced without any harmful chemicals to ensure safety to humans, animals and the environment. We are proud that our manufacturing process ensures the use of water, energy and other resources is kept to a minimum. Our bamboo fabric and packaging are fully biodegradable and will not end up sitting in landfill after its lifecycle.


From raw material to finished product, you will love knowing your incredibly soft BambooSilk sheets have maximal usability and minimal impact on the planet.